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Technological Detritus by ARTmonkey90 Technological Detritus by ARTmonkey90
Year 12 - HSC Body of Work
Materials: refer to individual assemblage.

My major body of work "Technological Detritus" is about technology and how it has changed throughout history/the past and impacted humanity. Society today, 2008 lives in a world that is rapidly advancing, surrounded by the ever present and dominance of technology. Technology/change has become a reoccuring theme for my work. This is due to its influence on our growing population and sustainability of such resources.

The work is based on my study of Australian artist Ricky Swallow. His momentums, replicas and miniature artworks have acted as a primary inspiration and influence of my whole body of work.

Assemblages 1, 2, 3 (Technological Detritus I, II, III) all have their own separate qualities and conceptual ideas within them. Time and change are essential aspects/themes to the whole artwork. Time is so important to everyone because it is everything/all.

*Detritus is latin for rubbish/junk.

- "Technological Detritus I" deals with technology in the everyday. It focuses on how we all have grown up and experienced or been impacted by the surrounding technology. It also provokes the little changes/developments that have occurred throughout the past. The use of babies and people suggest that the impact occurs to everyone not just one individual.

- "Technological Detritus II" is about technology through employment and the workforce. It focuses on global linkages, connections and communications as well as office sector and the CBD environment. The frames is rather symbolic of views/perspective. Each of the three frames represent a different scenario/aspect of life. Frame 1 features ticking clocks, proking the sense of time. The clocks work well with the assemblage as it forces the audience to be silent and contemplate. It suggests time and money justaposed with the frames. While the other frame features plastic money symbolic of society's desire for wealth and material possessions. The last frame features people looking at themselves on the other side of the frame. This could provoke the idea of identity or individuality. Again its provoking the idea of change and with the people looking at themselves act as a way of goal setting saying to themselves "that's who I want to be in 10 years time..." The tiny people figures all bundled in groups suggest the office/CBD work environment. The assemblage may also remind you of Pitt Street Shopping Mall, one of Australia's busiest shopping strips or Sydney Town Hall train station peak hour traffic - a nightmare!

- "Technological Detritus III" is more concerned with futuristic technology including aspects of robotics and rapid city/urban development. The motherboard towers/skyscrapers suggest the absorption, deterioation of the natural environment and saturation of the demanding technology. The buildings are a welcome addition to this assemblage. The inclusion of robotic characters in a line suggest uniformity in the future as well as growing control and demand of society/resources. The construction men compliments well with the technologically driven setting and ever present development/growth.

Three photographs were selected from my 'Blue Series' that acted not only as support but helps contribute to the meaning of the work and juxtaposes well with the 3 assemblages.

"Technological Detritus" I, II, III prevails a shock of recognition for objects and items that we all associate with in our everyday lives. Time is change and everything.

"A sculpture is one kind of energy stopped in its tracks to create another." - Ricky Swallow

Technological Detritus was the winner of the Waverley College PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD in 2008.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who assisted me with the success of my whole body of work in 2008. Special mention inparticular goes to my Year 12 Visual Arts teacher Ms Edwina Palmer who assisted with me in everything, process and all - Thank you.

Futhermore, thank you to Ms Cawthorn, Ms Thompson, Ms Kitas, the Waverley College Art Department, fellow class mates, Waverley College students and my kind friends + family. Thank you for all the support, object/item donations, cool ideas and generous assistance throughout 2008.


Thank you for visiting Artmonkey90.
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oversized-buttons Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Wow I can definitely see how you got 100 for this!

I also like how you used the three different video/dvd players to show the development of technology through those stages.

Which art express exhibit did you get placed in? lol
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Student
yeah...if i was doing a 4th would probably be on a blu-ray disk player. (that would cost alot to do...and no one would've donated that!)

I actually didn't make it in. :( no one from our school got in. they look for something different every year - I believe they select both band 5 and 6 works. ..unfortunately not all the best works get shown. artexpress is a just a "snapshot" ie. a slice of the best works...otherwise they would run out of space etc and (if every band 6 work got in)sorta demeans the value of the exhbition..if u know wat I mean?

I wasn't disappointed though. I got such a good mark and happy.

Did you go and see it? I went to the one at the Art Gallery of NSW...and was really pleased with the selection this year. (of course...there are always a few of them..which u think OMG...are you serious..they selected that?! haha)
oversized-buttons Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Yeah I went to the one at NSW art gallery too, there was one with the small photos of the attractive looking people with feathers glued around them and stuff. It was nice to look at but I really didnt understand how that could have gotten in when, say, your one didn't! I think that bird one had something to do with dreams and imagination or something, which is cool in a way but the actual work really wanst that great and not worth putting in the exhibition anyway. I think your work would have been better suited to be in it instead.

I remember also seeing the Archibold exhibition this year and there was one work that was jsut this whole mural of this lady's face and my teacher was saying how it looked like a 30/40 year 12 major work :P It actually did though...there were some people at my school in year 12 last year who did stuff that looked like that painting...
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009  Student
Aww.. thank you. :glomp: work is way to fragile...half the stuff that got returned to me was in bits. I had to glue everything back! :D

yeah...some of them are really difficult to understand....though the videos/films/animations always enlighten me....

I particularly like the one of the "drawing/mechanical creatures" that was placed at the start. that was wacky and interesting.

I actually didn't go to the achibald....this year...actually I've never been!! :( too poor to go..hahahaha....though I do love everything else thats on at AGNSW. (and also the MCA).

have you seen the light show/festival currently on...around sydney harbour....? its interesting but very ummm....plain. i reckon. it's called Smart Light Sydney.
oversized-buttons Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
Wow that sucks that your work was falling apart D:

Yes! I saw that last night actually :) I was out for dinner with my art class (well most of them and minus my teacher) at the Rocks :D It was heaps fun. I took pictures of the changing colours on the MCA and the weird pattern they put over the opera house that looked like bacteria :P It wasn't THAT amazing but it was just a nice night out :) I was in the city again tonight and they changed the opera house to a red pattern.

I went to the archibald with my art class, i love art excursions, it always means a day off school to go for a trip to the city with friends :P
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009  Student
really? I went out last night too. and yes the opera house had this bacteria look on it...I think they change the design every night...or they rotate the designs... have dinners with your art classes....that's nice. wish I had those thingys. and yes...excursions were the best!!! loved them. too bad...I'm too old to be a little kid anymore..haha...I have my OWN excursions now. :P
oversized-buttons Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009
we dont do it regularly but we just decided we'd all go out this time, i am hoping there will be more coming though :D i hope we have a dinner with our whole art class including our art teacher sometime after the hsc or something.
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009  Student
the most we had was have a big farewell lunch together with the teacher. very nice indeed. all paid for! yay. art teachers can be the nicest people around. :D

heard that the UAI has been replaced with the ATAR! hahaha...weird snd stupid. atleast everyone in australia will receieve the same thing now.
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Funnysock Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
wow! that's totally incredible! wonderful work and such a deep implication! That's great when a piece of art not only looks nice, but also sets the viewers thinking about something important; and you managed to succeed in both things!
I've seen similar works with pretensions to some deep meanings, but in most cases it was nothing but the words of the authors, who wanted to promote their works; but your work seems to be sincere, besides, it can be interpreted even in more ways than you've mentioned in your description (I mean, each person would find here something, that is important for him personally).
you've done a really good job! my deepest congrats!! :handshake:
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Student
WOW! *red face* haha..Thank you for the super comment...what can i say? I'm really glad you connect to it in someway or another. :D :D :thanks:

I think what you mentioned is exactly it. "each person would find something, that is important for him/her personally"...there's a hidden association we all have.

Once again...thank you my friend.

:D :w00t:
Funnysock Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
It's me who should say "thank you"-your work is really inspiring!;)
BlueFox284 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Wow man. . . bravo. I looked through the other pics. Thats pretty impressive. Not to mention creative. Must of took a lot of time and patience to build that.
ARTmonkey90 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Student
hello there...thank you very much. yes it did take quite some get it "just right". But in the end I'm glad it's another work done...and finished. Really pleased how it all turned out...could of been alot worst...such a rush to get submitted on time....haha..

Thanks again. :D :D :D
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